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NoSQL Services Offered by PCPhase and IIJ

Proper system design and the selection of the right infrastructure software are essential in order to utilize rapidly increasing volumes of data. PCPhase can provide you with the following services.


PCPhase Services

  Issues & Needs Services Offered Service Details
1 ・ I am not sure of the best way to process large volumes of data.
・ I want to compare a variety of NoSQL systems in order to select the right one.
Large scale web system assessment service Offers consulting regarding distributed processing and selection of the most appropriate NoSQL solution, for services that accumulate large volumes of data.
2 ・ I want to construct a system using NoSQL(KVS).
KVS based system integration Building inexpensive KVS based systems featuring excellent scalability and high load balancing.
3 ・ I want to perform data analysis based on large volumes of data. Hadoop based data analysis system integration Offers systems that can perform high speed analysis of large volumes of data using parallel processing.
4 ・ I would like to get information and answers to questions relating to NoSQL
NoSQL solutions information service
Offers information on Hadoop and Cassandra, as well as answers to questions and help with solving problems.
*We plan to continuously increase the NoSQL solutions and KVS systems we support.
5 ・ I want you to take care of designing and installing my NoSQL system.
NoSQL installation service
On-site or remote installation and setup of NoSQL systems, design of data models and provision of APIs.
6 ・ I want to try out and compare a variety of NoSQL systems,
NoSQL test environment service (available soon) Provides an environment for testing NoSQL systems in the cloud.


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