The Advanced Mobile Technology in Future Innovation

The Advanced Mobile Technology in Future Innovation

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Docomo Market (i-Mode)・App Store System Development

Mobile MarketingMobile solution

Large-Scale System with Leading-Edge Technique

This is app market place service only for Docomo i-Mode. This service is open market to provide various apps. There are recommend system and review posting for special functions, and this service includes high-function search by app name, company name, introduction, and keyword. It is constantly evolving everyday to provide high usability service with customers’ need.

System Development and Operation with Low Cost and High Performance

This service uses Cassandra (KVS) in superior for availability and scalability to handle large number of requests. This system actively introduces leading-edge technique with Hadoop for high volume of data access log analysis and uses the servers in a private hybrid cloud (virtual and physical servers) for flexible scale-out. It achieves system development and operation with low cost to process effectively enormous information for large number of users.

Client NTT DOCOMO Inc.
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