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Appiaries Backend Functions Can Now Be Used with "Nifty Cloud C4SA"

02 Apr 2013Pressrelease

Commercial version available from \987 per month (including tax)
Backend Functions Provided By Appiaries
Now Can Be Used with "Nifty Cloud C4SA"
~Making web service development easier and more familiar~

Appiaries, which provides APIs for server side functions such as user management functions and database functions for web services, can now be used with "Nifty Cloud C4SA." "Nifty Cloud C4SA" is a development and operation platform equipped with generic software such as WordPress, frameworks like Ruby on Rails and CakePHP, as well as languages including Ruby, PHP and Python. As a result, we have created an environment which will allow even more developers to get involved in service development without worrying about server side tasks.

On April 2, 2013, PCPhase Corporation (Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Yoshida, hereinafter "PCPhase",) the mobile solutions company, began the provision of backend functions made available by "Appiaries," http://www.appiaries.com/ a BaaS (Backend as a Service) to "Nifty Cloud C4SA." This will allow functions provided by Appiaries to be used from "Nifty Cloud C4SA."

Details of the New Plans

■ Trial Version

This plan allows Appiaries functions to be tried out free of charge. The functions are the same as those of the commercial version. *There are some restrictions in usage. See the "Fees" page for details.

See here to try out Appiaries with Nifty Cloud C4SA >>

■ Commercial Version

This plan charges fees for the use of the Appiaries functions. For the initial stage we are offering our Ultra Lite plan (\987 per month) which provides 512MB of storage.


■ Appiaries: http://www.appiaries.com/

Appiaries is a BaaS service that was first released in beta form in March, 2012, independently developed by PCPhase. BaaS refers to cloud services which provide server side systems (database access and user management etc.) through designated APIs, for mobile app and web services. By utilizing Appiaries, service developers do not have to develop or operate new server side systems, and therefore can concentrate only on development of client side features, leading to shorter development times.


■ Nifty Cloud C4SA:http://c4sa.nifty.com/

"Nifty Cloud C4SA" is a development and operation platform compatible with 24 types of languages, frameworks and software (as of April 2, 2013) (*1), such as WordPress, EC-Cube, frameworks including CakePHP and Ruby on Rails, and languages like PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl. The platform features an intuitive interface utilizing a control panel, which allows the development and operation of applications even without specialized knowledge relating to servers and networks.

■ PCPhase Corporation: https://www.pcp.co.jp/

Established in October 1998 PCPhase has been continually involved in development of innovative mobile technologies and services, providing outsourcing services for design, development and operations of web sites and applications as well as web services for feature phones, smart phones, and PCs. In addition, since March 2012 the company has been offering Appiaries, the first BaaS system in Japan, promoting the use of the cloud for development of apps and services for mobile devices.

■ Nifty Corporation: http://www.nifty.co.jp

Nifty Corporation operates the "@nifty (At Nifty)" internet service. Nifty's corporate slogan is "With Us, You Can", and the company helps make the daily lives of its users richer and more convenient through the provision of high quality, reliable and safe internet services.

*Product names etc. are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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PCPhase Corporation
Persons in charge: Ms. Fujishima/Mr. Nihei , Business Development Division
E-mail : appiaries_info@pcp.co.jp  Tel:03-6418-1237