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PCPhase's business is centered on the mobileInternet, through the development of technologies and services.

CEO Kazuhiro Yoshida CEO Kazuhiro Yoshida

Thank you for visiting PCPhase's web site.

Users of mobile devices now far outnumber personal computer users, and such devices have become firmly established as an essential part of our daily lives.
As more and more people switch to smart phones, we will see many new services that were previously unimagined. At PCPhase we will continue to strive to make such new services a reality.
We will continue to grow while establishing a group of professionals capable of facing up to the challenges of the latest mobile technologies and services, in the midst of rapid change and evolution,
That is the driving force behind PCPhase (Professional Computing Phase).

Our mission is "Providing exciting mobile technology to the world" and we will work wholeheartedly to see it carried out.

I'd appreciate your support on our efforts.

Kazuhiro Yoshida
Chief Executive Officer
PCPhase Corporation