System Integration

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System Integration

Complete Service Solutions

Utilizing mobile business knowhow built up over many years, we construct services that meet the needs of our customers while providing maximum satisfaction to end users. Services such as consulting, development and operation are provided in a continuous process from start to finish, allowing our clients to put together more sophisticated business operations. Developing our clients’ services together with them, that is the strength of our mobile SI operations, and their greatest feature.


We can offer the best solutions to meet a variety of needs.

We offer consulting and assessment services that are appropriate for your business, market environment and scale, such as flexible system development and system construction, whether you are building a new system or implementing system renewal.

System Development

In addition to proposals for solutions and systems, we dvelopment also provide high cost-performance system.

Based on high technological skill and knowhow built up from experience in constructing systems in a variety of scales, we can carry out system construction to meet needs for services such as:
・System scalability that can cope with rapid increases in the number of customers and allow flexible expansion of functions in accordance with your needs.
・Analytical functions that serve as the base for valuable mobile marketing.
・Information distribution systems such as location based services and high volume email distribution.
・Development of a wide variety of apps for smart phones.
・Superior high load balancing systems using NoSQL etc.
・Infrastructure optimization utilizing the cloud.

System Operation

Providing applications and services doesn't end with their development but also requires stable system operations and maintenance.
Using our experience in operating services a major communication carrier, we can help increase the value of your services by carrying out stable, flexible and prompt system operation, based on the perspectives of both the service users and system operators.