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PCP’s Mobile Solutions

Mobile marketing based on the two viewpoints of “Virtual and Real

All-in-one solutions encompassing “consulting, planning, system development and customer satisfaction

Expansion into new business areas – “Paid media > Owned media > Earned media

  • We can help develop digital (mobile marketing) to become an additional significant marketing method for real corporations, not just a part of existing methods, and make clear its contribution to your business.
  • We offer services that place emphasis on “increased customer access” and “contribution to sales levels” as the key performance indicators, and which improve your “ease of use” , “active user numbers” and “long life time value” user indicators.
  • We provide solutions that make possible the implementation of mobile services, from “system construction” suited to the business models of real corporations, to “service design” , “operation” , “app development” , “SNS co-ordination” , “analysis” and “enquiries”.