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■Mobile Services Still Possess Hidden Unknown Potential

Mobile phones have evolved in a variety of ways, and with new apps and services for smart phones appearing every day, this evolution shows no signs of abating.
So we asked the people around us what kind of mobile phone services and functions they would like to see in the future.
“Phones will take the place of identity papers won't they? Things like licenses and passports.”
“By pointing your phone at a wall you will be able to show videos playing on it on a big screen, without using a projector.”
“You will be able to get simple medical examinations using your phone, without having to go to the doctor. It would be good if your phone could make up electronic prescriptions too.”
“If there was a service that translated your words into foreign languages just by talking to your phone, you wouldn't have any problems when you went overseas.”
“I wish my phone could give reliable warnings of earthquakes and typhoons.”
“I wish my phone could record my dreams in a video while I'm asleep.”
“I wonder if you could make an app that could simulate going anywhere in the world that you want. Not just scenery and sounds, but things like the temperature and the taste of food as well.”
“I only use my mobile phone for emails and phone conversations, so I don't have any particular ideas.”
We can't say if these things can be done or not.
But up to now a lot of services that could not be imagined in the past have been made available. So, there is a good chance that we will see services in the future that no one has thought of yet.
That is why you can feel a potential in mobile apps and services that is really exciting.

Moving from Excitement to Realization

We don't want to just feel excited and wait around the unknown potential of mobile phones to be realized.
At PCPhase we want to make that potential a reality.
That is because we love innovation and are always moving forward. We can't just wait around for new things to appear.
We want to give shape (make it visible, make it touchable) to the excitement that you feel, by providing new apps and services for the world.
That is the driving force behind PCPhase (Professional Computing Phase), a group of professionals, squarely facing up to the challenge of providing the latest technology and services for mobile phones, in an ever changing, ever evolving world.

Bring Excitement to the World !

We need to have a sense of excitement.
And we want to share this excitement and make you feel it too, by trying out the apps and services that PCPhase has created.
You will experience an emotional reaction through what you feel. It is not logic, it is not knowledge. It is a new emotional experience.
And that experience will bring forth yet another emotional experience.
At PCPhase we will continue to follow the path of inspiration which is at the core of that spiral of emotional experience.